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Smart Enovations Inc,  handles market study, benchmarking, target setting, development of concepts & mechanisms, feasibility studies, packaging, detailed design, CAD modelling, CAE simulation, homologation and program management.

We constantly engage in product & process research and offer a state of the art vehicle research capability where interdisciplinary teams can work on projects that move vehicle technology forward. Having wide bandwidth of services with technical expertise in all automotive systems from body, chassis & power train to interiors, HVAC, electronics and embedded systems, we strive to create class apart avenues to support our clients' vision come alive.


Staffing/Contract to Hire

Any engineering organization demands an equally effective workforce partner, with the integrity and technical competence to ensure high performance from its engineering talent.

Smart Enovations Inc, specializes in providing workforce solutions to the engineering industry and has been placing contract engineers with clients in developing our solutions to address the workforce challenges of the engineering community, across an array of specialized industries.

Here, your business can realize service excellence delivered at its highest level of performance: through a fully scalable range of engineering  workforce solutions , led by a tenured staff for more efficient, consistent outcomes. And as one of the best suppliers of technical professionals, we offer proven expertise to address any operational requirement, featuring:

  • CAD Designer
  • Engineering Design
  • CAD Migrations
  • Virtual Simulations
  • Drawing Illustrations


Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Smart Enovations Inc, is a product design and development organization having experienced engineers to deal with the design challenges in various domains. These engineers understand the customer requirements and use their experience to arrive at innovative solutions to meet their needs efficiently and cost effectively. Their combined experience in various fields, together with the team spirit, helps them to adopt best practices learnt in one domain to arrive at a better solution for similar situations in other domains. Continuous and open technical discussions on the problems at hand have resulted in building a strong knowledge base for all to share, which helps in giving better quality and faster solutions to the customer.

At Smart Enovations Inc, we strive to continuously develop new products and processes that ensure the highest quality, performance and value by incorporating experience, expertise and knowledge to innovate solutions that meet our client's demands. Following are our services in the area of product design and development


CAD Data Migration Services

Smart Enovations has very strong team to support the development using these tools skills in the following areas

2D Drawing Conversion :- Manual drawings, paper and blue print of legacy data which need to be migrated to Digital CAD data, through manual redrawing in typical CAD systems like Auto CAD, Mirco Stations, Inventor etc.,

We also take up

2D Manual drawing to 2D Digital CAD and 2D legacy data to 2D Modern CAD tools (Catia, UG NX, Pro-E, Solidedge, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor etc..)

We also do the Drafting Services of preparation of production drawings conforming to customer specified standards. Mark up of drawings with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance.

3D Data Migration :- Conversion of CAD data either directly or through various formats such as IGES, STEP, DXF, VDAFS, etc., or using various third part translators like Elysium or CMM etc.. developed to meet the same purpose, however the efficiency and effectiveness of these translators are not 100%, often results in regenerations of a Parametric 3D model with history

3D from a Legacy systems to Modern 3D CAD systems 2D legacy data to 3D Modern CAD tools(Catia, UG NX, Pro-E, Solid Edge, Solid Works, AutoCAD, Inventor etc..)

3D Data creation for supplier parts & DMU requirement :- Solid and surface modeling of Supplier Data from different CAD systems. The “digital product” is a realistic computer simulation of a product from the total assembly, through to each individual component. We undertake solid and surface model generation of parts for purposes ranging from precision manufacture to digital mock up.

Engineering Design

Smart Enovations Inc, is a group of engineers having extensive experience and domain expertise in “Design and development” of products for industry and customers.We carry out entire spectrum of these activities as well as any specific aspect where customer needs expertise. In all our activities we use state of-the-art tools and techniques, which are constantly up-graded. We are a single point resource center for high tech engineering solutions

Our engineers are experienced in modern design methodologies and fundamental knowledge of the domain. Their acquaintance with fundamental domain expertise propels them to come up with new and innovative concepts at the component or sub-assembly level itself. These concepts incorporate ease of manufacturing and maintainability. We can take up responsibilities in -

  • System Related Design
  • Component and sub assembly Design
  • Class A surface activities
  • Engineering and tooling feasibility
  • Homologations of various systems for regulatory requirements
  • Design for Tooling Feasibility


Detail Design (CAD)

Use of modern CAD tools and methods helps Smart Enovations to design the products which result in synergizing their design with existing products and minimize surprises at the proto-type level. Once our concept/proposal is accepted /approved by the customer, we will be helping our customer with complete cycle of design, 3D-modeling, Interference & Packaging , Analysis & proving our design, Detailing ( 2D drawing generation) with complete GD&T of components, sub-assemblies & sub-systems as detailed below.

  • 3D parametric CAD model generation
  • 3D CAD Virtual DMU simulation
  • 3D PMI ( 3D GD&T)
  • CAD template generation
  • Fit and Clash Report generation
  • Detailed Design for Assembly
  • Detailing and GD & T
  • Grain drawing generation
  • Exploded View drawings for reviews
  • SC and CC gauge drawing generation.
  • Design Data to support engineering change actions
  • VPM data and ECN design data storage
  • Prototype Drawing release


Reverse Engineering

Smart Enovations will generate the design from any existing physical part/assembly/sub-system. We will come up with the original design and complete 3D model and a production drawing for the manufacturing of a component in shop At Smart Enovations, we carry out reverse engineering of various systems and sub systems on different CAD software's as per customer requirement. Extensive exposure to most complex geometry like cylinder head and crank case give us an edge over others. Our team also has good re design capabilities, which gives the proposed design the best possible functional value along with good value for money and generate good production drawings with GD&T Scanning

  • Optical measurement ( Points)
  • Contact probe measurement (points/curves )
  • Laser Scanning ( Cloud of curves)
  • White light scanning (cloud of points)
  • Surface Generation
  • Catia, Pro/E, UG, Solid Edge, Solid Works
  • Re-design and drawing generation
  • Design Change requests
  • Design improvements  
  • Verification with Base Line Design 
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)


Use of computerized simulation for virtual understanding of the product behavior in all design stages helps in quick and sound decision making. Our engineers build mathematical models and apply appropriate field theories to represent physical behavior using digital tools such as Computer aided Engineering, Finite Element Methods and Numerical Analysis techniques. The techniques listed below enhance dynamic simulation and efficient optimization

CAE In all stages of product design

  • Effective use of Field theories
  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Mathematical representation of physical behavior
  • Efficiency optimization
  • Virtual simulation during a Product Design phase helps to -  Cut down production costs,
  • Reduce developmental time necessary in designing a product,
  • Minimizes testing of expensive physical prototypes
  • Maximizes simulation of many design variants virtually
  • Helps in evolving a cost effective and optimized design solutions

To assess the performance of products across the domains, Smart Enovations has the competence and expertise to work with different approaches like -   


Structural Mechanics

Smart Enovations has the competence and expertise to work with different approaches by Virtual simulation to assess the performance of products across the domains. Different approaches like Energy methods, Flexibility methods, Direct stiffness methods and Plastic analysis are used in the virtual simulation.

  • Simulations carried out at Smart Enovations are -Static strength, Durability and Inertia relief analyses
  • Linear and nonlinear analysis (geometric, boundary & material nonlinearities)
  • Dynamic / Durability Analysis
  • Contact analysis
  • Buckling Analysis – Stability Assessment
  • Structural Optimization (stress, frequency & displacement constraints)
  • Structural response to Dynamic excitations (Harmonic and Random)
  • Mold flow Analysis
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